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Physical Therapy Products - New Product Solutions for Physical Therapists

New iPhone® App for Lower Back Pain

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Trend Watcher 2012 Hightlights Pain Free Back

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And Now Do It Yourself Health

Health-wise, what does the year 2012 hold for us? Well, 2012 is about taking (health) matters into our own hands, literally speaking. It’s about taking charge of our own health, being left to our own devices.

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KWGN News -

iCafe: App to ease your pain

There really is an app to ease your back pain !

A great idea that makes sense, saves you money and has been proven, first hand to work.

pain free back video review

— story by Nina Sparano on May, 25th 2010

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KNDO / KNDU Yakima News

Washington software maker launches back pain application

If you have lower back pain, Smart Health Software says "there's an app for that."

KNDO Yakima - TV News

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PSFK presents Future Of Health

Future Of Health: DIY Check Up

DIY Check Up is one trend of fifteen that appears in our exploration of how technology and access to information play a vital role in the ways that people will understand, manage and receive care whether that’s at home, in hospitals and clinics or in doctor’s offices.

August 2nd 2010

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Walletpop rates Pain Free Back in the top 5 apps to save you a trip to the Doctor

The Pain Free Back app walks you through a series of questions to determine what is wrong with your back.

by Josh Smith July 19th 2010

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Into Mobile News

Pain Free Back helps iPhone users diagnose and treat back pain

Smart Health Software has released a really useful application for the iPhone

-story by Dusan Belic on Monday, June 14th, 2010

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Physical Therapist Releases New Interactive iPhone App to Help Diagnose and Treat Back Pain

-HSI Company post June 1st 2010

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Best Back Doctors - Pain Relief Site

Pain Free Back helps iPhone users diagnose and treat back pain

-By shervin | Published: June 14, 2010

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The Mobile Weblog

Back Ache- There's Even an App for That!

by Jason Giacchino on May 17, 2010

Just when you thought there was an App for everything under the sun, Smart Health Software (SHS) comes along and proves that there was one particular demographic yet awaiting a little App-love.

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Vital Signs, the Orlando Sentinel’s Health Blog

Back pain? There’s an app for that

First interactive application designed to provide a diagnosis and treatment for lower back pain.

— posted by fernando quintero on May, 17 2010 3:54 PM

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Martin Bingisser Blog

Swiss national hammer throw champion, Martin Bingisser comments on Neil Chasan and Pain free Back;

After trying massage, chiropractic, and other avenues, Neil Chasan and the folks at Sports Reaction Center have helped me out a lot. His new iPhone application aims to do the same for you

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Mercer Island Reporter

Trio of Mercer Island residents launch iPhone apps, new Web sites By ELIZABETH CELMS Mercer Island Reporter City Reporter Apr 20 2010

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