Pain Free Back

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Back pain relief product: Pain Free BackPain Free Back - an interactive back pain relief product, utilizes the innovative user interface of the iPhone and iPod touch, allowing you to enter specific data as you're taken on a guided discovery about your back pain. By entering the requested data, you are guided toward an effective exercise solution that will help you manage your way through an episode of back pain exactly as you would with a very experienced orthopedic physical therapist who has treated thousands of people suffering lower back pain (LBP) for decades.

Back Pain Relief Product Guides You to Restored Health

Pain Free Back faithfully works to identify the cause of your distress, and will either guide you to the ER or your treating physician, or offer you several pathways of specific lower back exercises to help manage an acute pain episode. As the pain resolves and changes, the app guides you to a maintenance program that increases in difficulty with a flexibility program, a core program and a basic strength program to ensure long term stability and to help maintain your pain free status over the long term.


Pain Free Back Logo With 40 narrated videos to illustrate the program, you should have no difficulty following the advice offered and achieving the exercise objective as you work toward a pain free status. Occasionally the input identifies patterns that need further evaluation and Pain Free Back will then advise you to seek the advice of your physician. In one or two instances, you are referred to the Emergency Room rather than to your physician.

Pain Free Back is not a substitute for medical care. But since most episodes of back pain are self limiting, Pain Free Back applies the state-of-the-art understanding to provide key solutions for you to conquer your back pain. With both short and long term solutions offered, you should have an extended benefit by using this app as your back health increases over time. Back pain is episodic, so with each new episode, you can start over with a new episode analysis by selecting the button "My Pain Has Changed".

See for yourself why spine specialist physicians are excited about this program "This app will help so many people get a good start on treatment of their back pain" says noted spine specialist Garrett Hyman, MD with Northwest Spine & Sports Physicians, PC

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