Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Pain Free Back LogoTreatment for lower back pain is in high demand but often results in frustration or limited relief. Mechanical lower back pain (LBP) usually affects adults over age 25 and can be caused by several sources. In fact, studies suggest that mechanical LBP is complex enough, that an accurate diagnosis is possible only 15% of the time. The introduction and development of new diagnostic tools has not really improved this statistic at all. It is still the case that LBP is often a conundrum that baffles even the best diagnostician.

Mechanical LBP is a reoccurring phenomenon, it tends to be self limiting, and tends to be worse with each episode until later in life. At that point, people can still have pain, but for different reasons and with different characteristics. Back pain affects most adults at some point in life. Something like 80% of adults will suffer LBP, and one third of them, in the past 30 days. Typically, mechanical LBP will resolve on its own within 60 days.


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